I don’t know why but I just LOVE this picture of mine
That was a crazy day! 
oursweetiegomez sent: Selena can you pass me your address or phone number so I can send a letter or call you? Please it's my dream, I love you, please :"(

Oh I love you! But it’s something I just can’t do :/ hope you understand sweetie

oursweetiegomez sent: Selena I hope you never stop smiling, you mean the world to me, I did my first song at age 10 inspired me in you, I know I'll never be as good as you, and even though my dreams come true and I turn singer and actress later, I'll NEVER get to your feet. You are my smile, my sunshine, my all, I hope you're happy. Good Sunday <3

Love you so!

Anonymous sent: Selena please take a picture with Miley and Demi at TCA's 2012, it would make your fans so happy, please. And especially with Demi, because we miss Delena :") You can do this for us? So would you really proved that you're Selena ;)

I’ll see

Old But Gold! Yo!
Loved my jacket!
Hehe ♥
always-warrior sent: It's so hard every day face the haters, inventing lies about you, judging you, without even know-there. You get sad about what haters say? I hope not, because if you get sad, I'm staying. I love you very much. Every day people judge me, and good, I cut myself. I needed to vent this to someone with whom more like my diva? You-I love you very much. I love you with my life. You are my world. My diva, my perfect, my princess.

I do not care about what they say, they don’t know me as my dreamers do. Girl, I love you, please don’t cut yourself, you’re beautiful and perfect, I love you so.